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Line Dancing in Los Angeles

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

If ya’ll are like me living in or near Los Angeles and love country music and don’t know where to find it or do some dancing to it, I’m going to help you find somewhere to kick the dust up.

Let’s start with the last real Honky Tonk in LA. The Cowboy Palace Saloon is the name and it’s located in Chatsworth. Of course Friday and Saturday nights are the most packed where you listen to live music and dance those classic line dances. If you’re there for the first time you will see groups of regulars who come to two-step and west coast swing with each other all through the night. When the band isn’t playing, they have a juke box you can put money into to pick your favorite selection. Two-step and Line-Dance lessons are offered select nights. If you want to see what the inside looks like on a packed night, go to my video. I was a Heartache on the Dance Floor that whole night filming.

In the heart of Studio City, there is a club called Oil Can Harry’s that’s been around for years with themed nights throughout the week. My favorite nights to go there are Tuesdays and Fridays where all the men shake it for me. In the beginning of the night the dj plays two step, waltzing and west coast swing songs, as well as line dance sets. Twice during the night instructors teach line dances of their choosing. Later along in the night, around 11 or 12, the line dance segments are extended to really break a sweat.  

Out near the OC, many peeps go to InCahoots located in Fullerton. Tuesday nights are 21 and up which are a little slower. Wednesday and Friday nights are 18 and up nights and the club gets packed. The format is partner dancing (two-step or choreographed) and line dancing until later in the night when the Tush Push emerges. The Tush Push is a choreographed line dance that is performed twice back to back where the girls dance for the guys and the guys dance for the girls. Let’s just say when the guy’s dance for the girls, they’re thinking about knockin boots. Once that segment is over, the DJ will play some non country songs for free dance, turning into a modern clubby vibe for roughly half an hour. After free dance, songs will alternate between line dancing and two stepping sets until the club closes.

Let’s go down to Long Beach and converse about Cowboy Country Saloon. You have line dances, two stepping and partner dancing like normal. At this particular club, they do original dances to popular music. Some are easier to pick up in the back and some are a little more advanced and might take a couple of visits to perfect. This club has two dance floors; the main dance floor and a side practice floor. Along with their dance floor, they have a retail area that has quite a lot of merchandise that you need to check out for yourself! That’s Cowboy Country!

Over in West Covina, there is a 21 and up club called Montana’s. They too have two stages. One is higher up like a stage vibe, and the other is just below that. The crowd here is rather relaxed in a big open space where they thoroughly enjoy being around each other. It’s how I felt at Borderline, just happy to be there whether I was dancing or watching and enjoying each other’s company. If you go out on the dance floor, they will have their eyes on you.

The Ranch in Anaheim has similar sets on Friday and Saturday nights; Line dancing, partner dancing, two step, and a time for freestyle. Thursday - Sunday though is a bit different. These days are “family days” where you will primarily see line dancing most of the night. There will still be time to two step and partner dance, just not as much. This club does have live bands and attracts a tourist crowd, along with regulars. 

The Canyon Club in Agoura Hills on Wednesday and The Canyon Club in Santa Clarita on Thursday host Borderline night. Both of these have the same format as In Cahoots but are geared for the community that went to Borderline to have a chance to be together after the tragic events. The people at these clubs love to be together and love welcoming newcomers to their groups too, which is why I fell in love with Line Dancing out here in Los Angeles! 

I have friends that go to each location all throughout the week, and I attend some as well on a weekly basis. No matter what club you go to, you will be welcomed with open arms. Don’t be afraid to go up to these country lovers and ask for help on dancing or just chit chatting to have a friend that night. Take it from me, you can go alone and always end up meeting people throughout the night. It’s what I do :)

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