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Day Trip to Ojai, California

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

Oh, hi OJAI!

If you didn’t guess it, we went to Ojai, California! Here’s how the day started:

Firstly, Andrew decided to sleep in til like 9ish. We said the night before we wanted to leave at 9. But, he got his butt in gear and we got on the road by 9:45ish. We then stopped at a Starbucks that one of my friends runs! I didn’t know THAT was HIS store when we pulled over, but it was just my lucky day!

We then continued our drive happily with our morning coffee. Starting in North Hollywood, it took us about an hour and some change to get there. There's this winding road right before you get into the city. It was cute to see that at the end of the road you just…arrived. Talk about being tucked in. At that point, we had to figure out where we were going to go hike. Us millennials, we didn't research before we went because, YOLO. So, I pulled over to a store to ask for some help.

I love meeting new people, and when I saw a Beer and Wine shop, I thought these were the people to go talk to! They were so nice and helpful the minute I walked in. One man gave us magazines with maps to help navigate on where to go. He also gave me his own personal favorite trail which was the Gridley Trail...and that’s where we went!


It ended up starting to sprinkle, and then hunger kicked in. With that being said, unfortunately we cut our hike short. But the next part was to go explore the City a bit more. Our first stop was FOOD, GLORIOUS FOOD!

We decided to go to Ojai Pizza. I have to say, whoever designed the place did a great job. It just felt like a modern feel good pizza parlor. They had many options on the menu, but of course we decided to see why Ojai Pizza is so popular. The pizza was oh so cheesy and delicious! Definitely want to have a whole one for myself next time. It’s too good to share, even with my boyfriend. Afterwards, we needed a little pick me up so we went to the coffee shop next door, Ojai Coffee Roasting. Again, such a great feel there. Many locals were gathering to meet, work independently, and some just relaxing while they sip their caffeinated drink. I was pleased to hear they even roast their own coffee beans! Talk about staying local :) That coffee was H-O-T! But once it cooled off, ooh it hit the spot.

After a few minutes, we started to walk around town a bit more exploring all the local shops. Many of them offer wonderful beauty products, jewelry, clothing, and gifts. There were also cute inn's if your day trip runs too long and you need to stay the night!

After a good bit of window shopping, we decided to head out around 5pm once it got dark.

Now, I know you loved reading everything and I'm glad you like the way I type, but if you want to see visuals of the whole day, the vlog is below!



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