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Howdy yall!

From growing up competitively dancing throughout the Southeast to falling in love with line dancing in Los Angeles, it has become my passion to share the love of country dancing with as many people as I can.


You can find me teaching at Maverick's Buda on Thursday nights along with hosting and instructing for private events, competitions and workshops. Most recently, Kenzie and I are bringing line dancing into your home! Make sure to check our schedule! In addition, I'm helping multiple country dancers with social media, content creation and brand management to help expand their audience.

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My Story

I have been dancing since the age of 3, and am professionally trained in a variety of styles of dance. Growing up on Hilton Head Island, SC, I competed throughout the Southeast. I fell in love with line dancing and everything country when I moved to LA after high school. When my travels took me to Texas, my goal was to share my love of line dancing with as many people possible! 


Currently, I teach on Thursday nights at Mavericks Buda and sub there on Friday and Saturday nights teaching country two-stepping for Red Dirt Dancing. Additionally, Kenzie and I are excited to announce we have teamed up to bring a brand new program of line dance and chat sessions to homes across the country! So if you don’t have a local dancehall, you can still perfect your line dancing skills with us! Along with this, we will be conducting workshops and traveling. For those with local dancehalls, we would love to bring our workshop to you!


I‘m also helping multiple country dancers with their social media and content creation to continue sharing country dance and help expand their audience. Reach out to me for any line dance and country dance needs!  Would love to hear from y’all!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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