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That Y'all Life

Country Boots
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That Y'all Life is a lifestyle brand and creative agency started by Tara Bianco and Rachel Lai dedicated to promoting and highlighting the country aesthetic  through dance, fashion, and more. 

About Tara:

Originally from a small town in South Carolina, Tara grew up dreaming of the spotlight and moved to Los Angeles to pursue entertainment, booking national commercials and appearing on major television networks. In 2018 she moved to Austin, TX where she oversees social media management for a variety of clients and teaches line dance every week!


About Rachel: 

A Texas native, Rachel grew up in Houston decidedly not loving country. That is, until a horseback riding instructor invited her two-stepping one night, and the rest is history. An avid dancer and a horseback riding enthusiast, Rachel also brings her expertise in branding, creative direction, design, and digital strategy from the music industry to That Y'all Life.


Together they've spent countless hours on the dance floor, line dancing and two steppin' the night away in Austin, TX. A country girl and country music fan, they're a creative powerhouse on a mission to make country cool again. 

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